Scramble Purple Newaza Hoodie Review

Sweet hoodie

Sweet hoodie

I recently scored one of Scramble’s Purple Newaza hoodies after it was restocked due to popular demand. Scramble is a UK-based purveyor of fine grappling-inspired kit, suitable for the street and the mats. It is the brain-child of BJJer and blogger, Matthew Benyon, who you can find at The Grappling Dummy. How do I find it? In a word, ‘love’. Its rocking design is matched by its great comfort – a super addition to my lounging wardrobe.

The Hoodie

Leap on fools' backs in a single bound

Leap on fools' backs in a single bound

Scramble gear is super stylish and the designs have a strong Japanese-flavour (indeed, Scramble also sells hard-to-come-by imported Japanese clothing such as this insanely cute top modeled by Megumi). The purple hoodie is no exception. The striking contrast between the yellow printing and purple background makes for a bold and fun concept. Scramble promises this hoodie will get you pumped, and I have to say the great typography, use of colour and kanji gets my mojo going on the way to the gym or the dojo. This baby isn’t all flash no smash, however, far from it. The inside is very fleecy and soft, superbly comfortable. The cut is great and works for both women and men; I chose the small and it fits very well with roominess without shapelessness.[1]

The Company

Knee-ride your way to glory

Knee-ride your way to glory

Scramble’s stuff isn’t just comfortable and seriously cool, it seeks to be ethical; hoodies are printed in the UK on Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production certified clothing. Add to that the brilliant customer service and this is a brand worth supporting. I am happy to report that I was able to exchange my medium hoodie for a small with no drama. The dispatch in both cases was very quick and where minor delays occurred a free key chain was included in the parcel.


Scramble’s range of creative, unique and fun grappling-attire is ever-expanding and worth keeping an eye on. This is a company bringing something different to market – if you need further convincing, check out the Be Like Water rashguard and spats – and trying to do so with a consideration of the labour-practices behind its clothing. With their competitive prices, I’d recommend Scramble Stuff for innovative and good quality gear.


All reviews are based on my independent observations. I have no formal qualifications, I am not sponsored by any company and I do not endorse any one brand. If you chose a piece of gear based on my review, please let the manufacturer know that MegJitsu persuaded you. This will not benefit me financially, but can help me to get more kit to review. As always, thanks for reading.

Thanks to Dave Birkett, head of Dartford BJJ, for playing uke in my photos.

[1]For reference, I am 5’4.5″/163cm, 130lbs/60kgs and have a bust measurements of 34″/86.4cm and normally wear a woman’s extra small top (US and UK); this review is of the size small.

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  1. Meerkatsu says:

    You look super cute in that hoodie my dear!

  2. Meg Smitley says:

    And you are very kind!

  3. slideyfoot says:

    It is indeed an awesome hoody, capable of standing up to Welsh weather. ;)

    If I was trying to find a negative, the pull-cords for the hood are a little long, so I have to watch it eating soup or something like that, but I guess I could always trim them.

  4. Meg Smitley says:

    Haha, I noticed the long cords too when I was knee riding my coach they were tickling his face :D

  5. Omar says:

    Excellent Review, Good Job Meg!

  6. Chris says:

    Hey, I finally got myself one of those. Soooo nice!!

    If I wear it while I eat, the long yellow pull cords get tucked into the collar :-)

    • megsmitley says:

      Haha! Yes, the the headphone cord tidies inside the collar are useful for stowing the drawstrings when munching ;)

      Thanks for your comment, Chris!


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