Pregnancy and BJJ with Rosi Sexton Part 1

Rosi Sexton

This is the first in a two part series on pregnancy and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, based on an interview with Rosi Sexton. Read Part 2 2002 saw a shift in the medical community’s views on exercise and pregnancy. In that year, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) released new guidelines, which emphasised a […] Read more »

ACL Operation Recovery: Week 8 of 36

Woman trying to button jeans

Week 8 of 36, done. Month 2 of 9, complete! This second month of ACL rehabilitation has felt much slower than the first. The first month sees rapid gains as the knee recovers from the trauma of the operation whereas the improvements in month two are steady but less pronounced. Incremental progress has been made […] Read more »

ACL Operation Recovery: Week 7 of 36

ACL Scars

At the end of Week 7 the operated leg continues to show improved mobility, but some swelling which inhibits full flexion or extension. Meeting with the Physio yielded a whole new range of exercises to incorporate into weekly rehab work at the gym, including swimming and rowing machine. Apparently, the main thing with early stage […] Read more »

ACL Operation Recovery: Week 6 of 36

Portrait in Mile End Park

At the end of Week 6 the operated leg seems very nearly completely recovered from the trauma of the operation, itself, though it remains early days until full recovery. That is, the wounds are fully closed, the swelling in the lower leg is gone and much reduced around the knee and nerve tingling around the […] Read more »

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Fitocracy

Flashdance: hottest training montage ever

Fitocracy, a fitness tracking web application with a strong social gaming component, has gone from strength to strength since its launch in mid 2010. Founders Richard Talens and Brian Wang brought their experience and love of gaming to the world of online fitness to empower themselves and others to stay motivated on the path to […] Read more »

WheyHey: Ice Cream for Workout Recovery

WheyHey 150g pot

This week I discovered WheyHey, a low fat, sugar free ice cream packed with whey protein. Some of you may recall my 2010 obsession with baking my own ‘calibrated cookies’, aka home made whey protein flapjacks that were low in fat and sugar and perfectly suited to my post-workout protein and carb needs. There is […] Read more »

ACL Operation Recovery: Week 5 of 36

Wedding Dress Pull Up

Week 5 of ACL recovery progressed much as Week 4, with daily incremental improvements in pain reduction, stiffness, strength and mobility. Those goals outlined at the start of the week were completed including 3 gym sessions, daily ‘little and often’ physio, observing Friday class and the chin up challenge of 3 consecutive chin ups. The […] Read more »