Why Should Women Train Jiu-Jitsu

Why Should Women Train BJJ

A short film, ‘Why Should Women Train Jiu-Jitsu’ was recently published by Ocean County BJJ. This is one of the latest in a collection of blog posts, magazine articles and videos about why women should train BJJ. The video is distinguished by great production values and taking an allegorical, rather than a didactic, approach to […] Read more »

2014: Onward and Upward


2013 has been an exciting and challenging year and as it comes to a close, I’m feeling more positive about juggling life’s goals, aspirations and duties. At the start of 2013 I’d misapprehended my ability to parent, build a business, get my postpartum bod back in shape and relearn my BJJ. My expectations at the […] Read more »

Review of Martial Herbs Recovery Oil and Strength Supplement

MH Recovery and Strength formulas

Martial Herbs, British sports supplement outfit, shared two of their specially formulated products with me; Martial Herbs Recovery and Martial Herbs Strength. Martial Herbs is bringing unique herbal and homeopathic supplements to market aimed at the particular needs of martial artists. While some might suggest that HGH and steroids might be part of the solution […] Read more »